Manufacturer Offer

Loyalty Offer : $500 cash back on select MINI models

  1. $500 Offer
  • Applies to multiple models.

  • * Disclaimer(s)
    • The $500 Lease/APR Loyalty Credit may be utilized as Cap Cost Reduction/Down Payment or towards other costs due at the time of signing. - Lease/APR Loyalty Credit program is available for the following qualified customers: - Any current MINI/BMW owner (proof of ownership required). - Any former MINI/BMW owner who sold their MINI/BMW within the last 12 months (proof of ownership required). - Any current MINI/BMW Financial Services customer leasing or financing a MINI. - Any former MINI/BMW Financial Services customer who leased or financed a MINI and their contract expired within the last 12 months. - Lease/APR Loyalty Credit program is only available with lease or finance through MINI Financial Services. - The original vehicle may have been purchased or leased, new or used. - Current customers do not have to trade in their vehicle to qualify. - Lease/APR Loyalty Credit is extended to individuals residing in the same household as the qualifying customer. Proof of residency must be provided in order to receive the household loyalty. Lease/APR Loyalty Credit is non-transferable to other family members or friends outside the household. - Customer's whose original vehicle is in a company name and now want to place their new vehicle in their personal name (or vice-versa) are eligible for the Lease/APR Loyalty Credit. You may be required to provide documents establishing the association between the company and the person. -Lease/APR Loyalty Credit cannot be combined with the BMW Group Partner and Family Vehicle Lease/Purchase Program. (See Trims)
    • See State Disclaimer *